An Educational and Inspiring Way to Challenge Your Black Child…Meet the ‘Ameka Love’ App

Hmmm...what adventure shall I choose, Ameka Love wonders.
Hmmm…what adventure shall I choose, Ameka Love wonders.


*With all the apps out there, a parent is left to wonder if any of them will truly educate their child and allow them to have fun learning at the same time. These parents, African American in particular, want an app that will make their child think; challenge them using games that are not only fun, but realistic in problem solving. Well, a new app is on the block that has been designed with African-American children everywhere in mind. It’s a storybook game with a series of characters and adventures along the way. The main character is Ameka Love, and she is trying to get to Crystal Mountain. She brings kids on a colorful journey that teaches them about life and helps them to have a little fun along the way.

Ameka advances upon many different issues that come up as she tells the story. And throughout each challenge, children are asked to interact using a variety of skills. There are some issues that can be figured out using math, shapes, and colors and others that require the use of critical thinking and problem-solving. On her journey to Crystal Mountain the main character shows the children discovering new experiences like yoga and she even teaches them about chakras.

Ameka Love Yoga

There is nothing “typical” about this app. And its aim is to let your child have fun and be inspired and challenged throughout.

The app features a variety of interactive play scenes that children can tap on. It also helps children with reading and vocabulary because the story is written on the bottom of the screen. They have to read it in order to figure out what Ameka needs to do next to continue on with her journey. Children have the ability to discover skills they may not have thought they had and surprise themselves when they help Ameka solve the problems that she encounters along the way.

The main demographic for the game is younger children but the age ranges from 2 years old through 9 years old. It is a lot of fun for the younger children because of the shapes, colors, and sounds. The older kids will like it because they have control over the story and what happens when certain problems arise. One of the main goals of the game is to teach children empowerment to use their own minds to be able to figure things out.

Ameka Love finds the gold

Watch Ameka Love in action directly below and visit her official website to learn how you can get the app.

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