A Whole Lot of Marijuana Thrown from Car in Hot Pursuit By Cops (Dashcam Catches it All!)

Marijuana toss
That’s marijuana flying in the air from broken bales thrown from the window of that speeding car in front.

*A heavy pot smoker (or seller’s) dream recently occurred thanks to a car trying to get away from cops in hot pursuit last week along a highway southeast of Phoenix. Suspected drug runners threw approximately 17 bales of weed from their car and police say they picked up about 374 pounds at the conclusion of the chase.

But there is still more drugs out there that were not recovered. And you’d be accurate if you assumed fellow road travelers not involved in the chase even stopped and scooped up some of the bales.

 According to a Facebook post by the Pinal County Sheriff’s Office, “Four or five vehicles not involved with the transportation of the marijuana even stopped and grabbed bales, which neither deputies nor (the Arizona Department of Public Safety) were able to recover due to traffic conditions,” sheriff’s deputies wrote.

The pursuit took place sometime around 11a.m. local time last Wednesday and was captured on a cruiser’s dash cam while deputies pursued a 2006 White Trailblazer.  The car began exceeding 100 miles per hour at one point and that’s when the occupants began ditching the bales of marijuana from the windows, deputies said.

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Eventually, the chase was stopped by spike strips placed in front of the suspect vehicle by deputies working in front of the pursuit. The suspects attempted to get away on foot, but they were caught. They were identified as Mario Perez-Paz, 43, of Mexico, and Juan Aguilar-Zavala, 21, whose address wasn’t immediately known, deputies said.

The men had been offered $1,000 by a female in Phoenix to drive the car and pick up unknown packages, authorities added.

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Meanwhile, people living near the highway where the weed was tossed were amazed by the sight, according to NBC affiliate KPNX. Local resident Heidi Bernal said, “I think the seeds are probably going to be all over and it’s going to start growing. They can’t get it all. That was a lot.”

Check out the fascinating NBC News  video of the marijuana bales being thrown from speeding cars window below.

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