WTF…Carpenter Fired for Freeing Raccoon from Exterminators Trap

raccoon cropped

*Well all I can say is, I’m sure glad I didn’t tell my boss years ago that I was late because I saved a skunk who had somehow gotten a Styrofoam cup suctioned onto its mouth. Sure I wasn’t happy I had to throw away a perfectly good pair of jeans but, at least the poor critter lived to stink up the neighborhood another day. Still, had my employer known, I might have been fired like this very compassionate carpenter, who lost his job because he had the nerve to…wait for it…free a raccoon that had been trapped by exterminators at the San Francisco construction site where he worked.

Todd Sutton, 49, spoke to the San Francisco Chronicle and said when he came to work one morning in late February, he saw the animal inside a trap.

The builders had hired professional trappers to have the critter — which was blamed for damage at the $610 million project — removed and euthanized.

But Sutton says that after speaking with officers from Animal Control, he put the animal in his truck and released it in a nearby grassy area.

Can you believe his employer told the newspaper the move amounted to theft, because Sutton took something from the site that didn’t belong to him.

OK, so now the raccoon was their property?

Newsflash: The raccoon is GONE! Wasn’t that the point. What are they unhappy because they didn’t get to kill it!!!?

So happy to know that Sutton has hired an attorney. I hope the judge is an animal lover.

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