SMH: Man Cuts Brother With License Plate That Reads, ‘You’ve Got A Friend in Jesus’


*I have a confession to make. I often have this movie clip running in my head where all of the heavenly deities are sitting around watching us humans and shaking their heads. I hear one lone voice plead, ‘Please stop using my name to excuse your wicked actions. They have nothing to do with me.” Case in point: During a fight in the State of Pennsylvania police say a man threw a “Jesus” vanity license plate at his older brother and cut him bad enough to require treatment by paramedics.

The plate reads, “You’ve got a friend in Jesus.” And moreover, its sealed with a “never expires.”

Now, as of Feb. 24, James Wiles, 45, of Springhill Township has been charged with simple assault and harassment over the argument with his 47-year-old brother.


Police say Wiles’ brother was cut by the plate’s sharp edge.

A preliminary hearing on the charges is scheduled for March 31. A district judge in Fayette County will determine then whether Wiles will stand trial.

Wiles’ public defender didn’t immediately return a call Wednesday.

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