John Stossel Is Confused Why Blacks Think America Has Race Issues (Asks Why Nigerians Do So Well Here)

TV personality and pundit, John Stossel
TV personality and pundit, John Stossel

*It seems TV consumer personality and libertarian pundit John Stossel is scratching his head on the whole race issues in America thing. He went out on the streets asking black folk all kinds of questions about racism, progress or lack thereof, blah, blah, blah and got a diverse batch of responses. But when he sat down and talked with Bill O’Reilly on Fox News’ The O’Reilly Factor he seemed somewhat befuddled; and almost mockingly communicated some of the responses he had received

O’Reilly and Stossel went back and forth Q&A style about the field trip the reporter had taken, and at one point after sharing a response Stossel, looking somewhat bewildered about the whole thing said, “If there’s so much racism, [in America] how come Nigerians do so well?” He continued, “They are usually darker” than the blacks born here. Then he and O’Reilly decided it was because black people from other countries were “raised differently” than those in this country. And they had “two parents.”

All of this before they dissolved into an open jokes session about how Stossel doesn’t get the same opportunities that O’Reilly gets because one is taller and the other has a mustache.

 Those who follow Stossel may remember that in the past he called for a repeal of the section of the Civil Rights Act of 1964 that prohibits hotels and restaurants from discriminating on the basis of race. He is said to have also made light of affirmative action programs by holding an “affirmative action bake sale” in which members of different races were charged different prices for baked goods. And he is said to have even suggested that employers should be allowed to discriminate against people with disabilities.

I suppose that’s what you get when you ask people’s opinions and give them a platform.

 Take a look at the clip. You will most likely find your own laundry list of issues to take up with the man.

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