Teen Girl Arrested After Police Mistake Her Afro Pick for Gun!


*I guess we can file this story under, “Combing Your Hair While Black,” because that’s exactly what a 15-year-old black girl in London could’ve been doing when cops went cray-cray and arrested her – thinking her afro pick was a gun.

Rochae Davis of Croydon was carrying an afro pick in her waist band as she walked with friends. But police came looking for her after they saw a video with footage that they say looked like she was packin’.The girl was later accosted and arrested.

“As I was walking back with a friend, six police officers from Trident, the gun crime unit arrived, and had guns. They pushed us against a wall and searched us,” she said.

“It was only after they had finished that they said they had seen me on CCTV with a firearm. But it was an afro comb – it didn’t look anything like a gun,” said the girl.

The teen said the ordeal left her scared and confused.

“I didn’t know what was happening. They took my clothes and my stuff – it was really uncomfortable.”

According to Rochae’s mother, Simone, the police thought her daughter was a boy because she was wearing her hoodie.

A police spokesperson released the following statement:

 As officers were responding, police were contacted by the local authority CCTV control room, which was also monitoring the incident, with information that a female had been seen with what was believed to be a firearm in the area.

Police arrived and a number of people were dispersed. A short while later, officers stopped a 15-year-old girl in Poplar Walk and she was subsequently arrested on suspicion of possession of a firearm.

No firearm has been recovered at this stage. Detectives from Croydon CID are investigating and inquiries continue.

You would think an apology is in order from the police to this young girl, right? Well let’s just hope you are not holding your breath.

You’d be dead now. Rochae was bailed out without charge, but the police have not apologized to her. In fact, the girl will be further inconvenienced as she is expected back at the police station in April as the investigation continues.

2 thoughts on “Teen Girl Arrested After Police Mistake Her Afro Pick for Gun!”

  1. Shameful that they still arrested her after not finding a weapon. They would’ve had to admit their error, something they would never do. I wouldn’t put it past them to plant a weapon and say she tried to get rid of it.

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