Would You Buy ‘Air’ From a Kanye West Concert …eBay Bidders Reach $65K, No Lie


*Hey, some of us go on a site like eBay to look for items such as books, antiques, even cars because they have a buyer’s protection plan. But buyers also bid on weirder items  and the online auction site considers selling these oddities so much a part of the norm that it even has a sales channel entitled “oddities” where people can compete to own some unmentionable items.

Looking at the title, you see where I’m going with this, right?

Some fool, er, excuse me, somebody is actually trying to sell the air from a Kanye West concert. But thats not the kicker because as we know people will try to sell anything. The kicker is there are people who are actually willing to buy it. No, even this is an understatement – the bidding price for the Ziploc bag of air had reached $65,000 !

That was before it disappeared from eBay.

The seller used the handle “stangeedon1,” and was from Pennsylvania. “He” or “she” claims they didn’t even need to do much to get their hands on such a surprisingly precious item. It was bagged by simply holding “a bag open and sealed air in [sic].” Yep, that’s it! Other than that, there is no additional evidence showing the seller had even attended a West concert.

But here’s the thing: Just before the odd items disappeared from the site, 90 bidders had been willing to put up the ridiculous amount of money for it. Now, if you’re really gullible for anything celebrity, I’m sure there are similar items for sale. According to Financial Juneteenth’s article by Liku Zelleke, one Texan is offering his bag of West air for sale at the more “reasonable” price of $5 while another one is willing to part with his for just $0.99. A Californian is also selling his set of air (which he has labeled from 1 to 10) for $0.99 while another seller from New Jersey must’ve taken his shot of confidence via caffeine as he looks to unload his item for a minimum price of $4,000.

You want some of this? Just head on over to eBay, won'tcha.
You want some of this? Just head on over to eBay, won’tcha.

But there is one item that the daring buyers and fans of #gimmeanythingkanye appear to be thinking twice about. Its a more “flavored” version of West’s air, something that no one seems to be bidding on as of yet – a Ziploc full of “Flatulence” (Gas) from the man.”

Stay tuned. We’ll feature the buyer if it happens.

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