Black Alumni of ‘Racist Video’ Fraternity Surfaces, Says He Is ‘Shocked’

william bruce james ll
William Bruce James II, the last black fraternity member of SAE

*A  University of Oklahoma fraternity was recently shut down and its members publicly blasted after a video surfaced showing fraternity members engaging in a racially insensitive chant.

The video caused OU president David Boren to publicly blast the members involved and vow to bring them to justice. Boren spoke on camera of his extreme disappointment, and revealed that he has imposed a deadline of midnight Tuesday for the members of SAE to get their belongings out of the fraternity house.

An investigation has been launched to determine who was involved, and Boren says he will consider “all possible punishment,” including expulsion, and told reporters, “I’d be happy if they left, the ones who were involved. I know not every member of this fraternity was involved. But a large number were, a busload.”

In the video, you can hear the Sigma Alpha Epsilon fraternity cheering “there will never be a nig*** in SAE.”

The chant goes on to say, “you can hang them from a tree, but they’ll never sign with me.”

William Bruce James II, says he was shocked about what he saw on the video. As the second and last black SAE member at OU, James spoke with KFOR’s Linda Cavanaugh about the incident.

James pledged to SAE 14 years ago and says he never felt like his fraternity brothers were racist.

“I never heard anything like that while I was there,” he said. “My brothers wouldn’t have allowed it…. That song wouldn’t have been sung.”

SAE Fraternity

James, who wrote about the incident on a Huffpost Blog,  went on to say that the fact that each and every member in the video knew all of the words to the mean-spirited chant shows that this wasn’t a random act.

“This has been going on for some period of time,” he said.

But James’ fraternity brothers still came through for him; even after the video was leaked the former frat brother says he has seen an outpouring of support from his fraternity brothers.

“They’re helping me be less angry about it,” he said.

But even with the support James says he still feels like he is grieving.

“I feel like I’ve lost a family member,” James said. “That pure bond of brotherhood, I don’t know if I’ll ever get that back.”

See  William Bruce James’ interview here.


*In his article on The Lost Ogle called, 10 Questions About The Racist SAE Video That Needs Answers, OU graduate and stand up comedian, Dante Jordan is a black man  who says he’s not surprised at all by the actions of the SAE fraternity. I guess he’s singing a different tune than Mr. James. Read more from him at The Last Ogle.

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