Whoa. Hold the Phone! A $20 Bill Featuring the Face of Historic Women?

Rosa Parks on a 20

*Got a question for ya: How’d you like to see Rosa Parks‘ face on a $20 bill? How about the face of Harriet Tubman? Well, these two women are among many historic females being touted for such a reveal by a group called Women on 20s. They apparently think its time for Andrew Jackson to go and have developed a movement to put a woman’s face on the $20 bill.

“This is a fairly simple change — it doesn’t require an act of Congress,” said the group’s founder, Barbara Ortiz Howard.

Women on 20s didn’t specifiy any specific woman to replace Jackson, who, in Howard’s opinion, should be on his way out anyway for his Indian Removal Act that led to the Cherokee nation’s Trail of Tears.

“I love them all,“ said Ortiz Howard, who doesn’t name a favorite. “You can’t help but love these women and what they persevered to do for us on our behalf, as a people and a nation.”

Harriet Tubman on a 20

Howard’s interest in starting this movement came about after she realized that the only piece of money bearing a woman’s face is the dollar coin, which bears the likeness of Sacagawea – the only female member of the Lewis and Clark expedition. Before that, the dollar coin was Susan B. Anthony’s domain.


“I thought that was kind of an odd omission, considering that we are 50% of the population or more, and that we are vital to the economy and everything else in life,“ Howard said. “We have an opportunity for a rich history lesson every day as we use our money.”

“We’re hoping that they will hear America clamor for a change on the $20 bill,“ said Howard.

Rosa Parks and Harriet Tubman are in the company of other potential candidates on the potential new money including Eleanor Roosevelt and Amelia Earhart.

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