Watch: Little Girl Has Perfect Response to Boy Who Called Her ‘Ugly’

Siajh “Cici” Chase


*Not many of us grown folk can say we would have handled someone calling us ‘ugly’ with the grace that four-year-old Siajh “Cici” Chase did. After all, ‘dems fightin’ words. But I am a believer that children can also teach us lessons. And we shouldn’t dismiss them just because they’re young.

We should realize at this stage of the game that bullies come in all shapes, sizes and colors. But we expect them to appear in youth, and we hurt for our children who must endure the pain. But little Cici has obviously learned a thing or two in her young day. So when this boy approached her in pre-kindergarten class and said she looked ugly, he didn’t succeed in ruffling her feathers. She didn’t lose her cool and get bent out of shape. She didn’t punch him out. Instead she looked him square in the eye and used her words. And they weren’t in the tone you might think.

I see a future Speaker of the House here.

Cici’s mother, Sonya, who recorded her daughter describing what happened (scroll down to see video) in class said Cici has always been smart and has a way with words.

Bullies actually get motivated by your anger and sensitivity. Revealing your sore spots gives them power. But in Cici’s case, that wasn’t going to happen. Siahj , who goes by “Cici,” her mom, Sonya, told The Huffington Post has “always been quick on her feet.” And based on the video Sonya shared on Facebook, where Cici recounts her response to the classmate who called her “ugly,” she’s got her priorities straight, too!

So what did this smart little girl who ‘has a way with words’ say to stop this bully in his tracks?

Take a look at the video below and let me know what you think. Also read more on Bullying at The Black Home School

“Cici is a gem,” Sonya told HuffPost, “she’s sharp …. very active, talkative.”

“I read lots of the comments that people wrote” she added, “and I just want to say thanks to everyone that said nice and encouraging things to and about her. I read some of them to Cici and she just smiles and giggles.”

Keep being your brilliant self, Cici. You make us proud baby-girl! Not only was he stupid, his glasses were dirty. You’re adorable…and he probably likes you!!!

This adult is saying the words you had too much class to utter. 🙂

Here’s the video:

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