Family Sues Lansing Police Dept. for Execution-Style Killing of 17-Year-Old Daughter (Watch)

Derrinesha Clay is said to have been dealing with Bipolar issues


*After their daughter was brutally slain — execution style — by a shot in the head from police officers as she crouched on her knees hiding from them in an empty Bank of America administrative office, her family has been cleared to proceed in their filing of a $10 million lawsuit against the Lansing Police Department. The lawsuit stems from a 2011 incident where 17-year-old Derrinesha Clay broke into a local B of A. Since she allegedly had no money or other threatening device in her possession her intentions were unclear. But officers tell a different story than what is shown on the bank’s surveillance camera; where the young woman appears in the office wearing a fur-trimmed hooded jacket, looking for something, just before she disappears under a desk as police arrive.

Family members reveal that Clay was dealing with issues related to bipolar disorder. And though it was assumed by the police that the teen was attempting to rob the bank, when the officers located Derrinesha she was hiding from them, crouched on her knees, saying, “I’m sorry, I’m sorry.” But officer Brian Rendon, who is responsible for firing the fatal shot, claimed that the girl attacked him with a knife or pair of scissors and the shooting was self-defense.

But cameras don’t lie, and the security camera footage tells a different story. One where Clay does not appear aggressive towards the officers in any way and is not seen attacking them. She can only be seen hiding, crouching on her knees.

Rendon’s self-defense claims is also full of holes because Clay was shot in the stomach first, before Rendon fired a fatal, execution style gunshot to her head.

Despite inconsistent reports by multiple officers who were present on whether or not Clay resisted arrest after being shot in the stomach, (or even before she was shot) an internal affairs investigation cleared the officer.

The police department has also stated that Rendon’s actions were justified.

The lawsuit’s claim against the city was dismissed by U.S. District Judge Robert Holmes Bell , although he did cite the conflicting testimony from Rendon and two other officers at the scene about whether or not Clay resisted arrest after being shot in the stomach and made it the cause to allow the lawsuit against the officer to move forward.

In what may be a small amount of redemption, Bell ruled that evidence shows that the officers involved could be lying about the incident and that Rendon’s double shooting of Clay was most likely excessive force. The judge stated in court, “Rendon’s shot to Ms. Clay’s head was unreasonable because she was on her knees, she had already been shot in the stomach, and she was no longer resisting.”

In what many African Americans will no doubt see as a clear indication that a black life has no value in the eyes of rogue cops, police chief Mike Yankowski directly disagreed with Bell, stating, “This incident was an unfortunate tragedy for everyone involved. Nonetheless, we strenuously disagree with Judge Bell’s ruling and stand by the findings of the external MSP investigation and Prosecuting Attorney Stuart Dunnings, both of which concluded that the officer’s actions were justified given the circumstances he faced.”

See the surveillance video directly below.

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