Tea Party Radio Host Thinks Black Caucus Members Should ‘Hang from a Noose’ Outside Capital Bldg.

Andrea Shea King
Andrea Shea King

*Here we go. Another high-strung republican showing us exactly what she’s made of.

This time its Tea Party radio host Andrea Shea King. She let ‘er rip spewing her hatred for Congressional Black Caucus members. Of course she wrapped it around a cause and suggested that those lawmakers who boycotted Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s should be killed. More specifically, they should be hanged.

“Obama doesn’t have to run for reelection again, a lot of these guys do,” King said on the audio that was published by Right Wing Watch. “Listen, I would like to think that these guys could pay with their lives, hanging from a noose in front of the U.S. Capitol Building.”

“Because what they are doing is they are putting their own interests above that of America,” she continued. “And to me, that is criminal. Criminal!”

And in the event anyone misunderstood any points in her diatribe, King specified that “most of those members who are opting out of attending the speech are members of the Congressional Black Caucus” who had only been elected because voters in their “districts are all dumb clucks.”

“How do people like this get elected to represent us in Congress?” she asked. “Because there are stupid people out there in those congressional districts who are so ignorant that it’s dangerous! Because these people that they elect into Congress vote, and when they vote, their vote affects us!”

She continued to blast everyone involved, from voters to lawmakers, saying she was unsure if she should be more upset at “these heinous people who occupy the halls of Congress or the dumb clucks that put them there.”

“Stupid, stupid people! Our lives are on the line and all they can think of is skin color!” she insisted. “You know, all of us are going to turn black if we end up in a cage on fire!”

She then threw in another “Stupid people!” to reiterate her disgust.

Be sure to stay tuned for what always comes next…after one of her cronies pulls her coat on the impact her outburst could have against the party.

It’ll probably start with something like, “I’m not a racist.”

Mark my words.’

In the meantime, take a listen to her outrage in the clip below:

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