Watch: This Video Hopes You’ll Think 8-Foot-Hips Are the ‘Sexy’ Wave of The Future (Hell No!)

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“God gave it to me. Why not love it and use it.” This is a direct quote from one of the women featured in the video you will see in this article. The woman is not talking about a squeaky voice or the lack of a body limb, she’s talking about the 8-Feet of fat that is the circumference of her hips. Fat which, at least to me, doesn’t look like anything God gave her.

It looks more like something she helped herself to.

Four women are featured in this video that is trying very hard to make you buy into the thought that excessively large hips is sexy.

I don’t know, maybe they just picked the wrong four. I’m still not convinced.

But a plus size model and aspiring actress named Claudia Floraunce predicts hips like these are the wave of the future.

Heaven help us all. No…really. Help us.

Floraunce is doing more than just talking. She’s got something really big to back it up.

64-inch hips .

Apparently, that’s the 40 year old model’s story and she’s sticking to it! Floraunce believes so strongly in her prediction, that she and her big arse left her native Australia and moved to Los Angeles in hopes of becoming the next big sex symbol.

Should Marilyn Monroe’s legacy be scared.

“I find my hips very sexy, in fact I find my whole body very sexy,” “I think people like looking at me because I’m a very unique size. I’m very large but I carry myself with a lot of confidence. I get a minimum 27 marriage proposals every day. To have curves is in and I’m in  — finally.”  —Floraunce tells Barcroft TV.

Another of the women say they “should start making bigger clothes.”

Yes. I suppose they will need to.

Floraunce aims to be in the forefront of fashion with the help of a new documentary,“World’s Biggest Hips,” that debuted Wednesday on the British TV network Channel 5.

The documentary profiles four women who feel blessed to have humongous curves.

The hips of 39-year-old Mikel Ruffinelli gets the most hype for a backside that measures 8 feet around, This, in spite of having only a 40-inch waist.

But please don’t let that fool you. Anything can look small against something humongous.

And Ruffinelli’s hips are so humongous that she actually has to walk sideways most times at home so she won’t get stuck.

She shrugs the inconvenience off though.

“I have an extreme physique,” Ruffinelli (pictured above) said, according to the Daily Mail. “I love my curves, I love my hips, I love my attributes. I love my shape and I see no reason to diet because I don’t have health problems. Men don’t fancy skinny girls, they like an hourglass figure.”

Mikel Ruffinelli and her man.

And when grandmother Denise Souder, 56, who works as a Las Vegas stripper named “Sweet Cheeks” told her husband she wanted to have weight loss surgery, guess what he did?

Dumped her for a heavier woman.

That was twelve years ago and they rekindled their relationship a year ago, but Steve keeps trying to plump her up more. The extra pounds exacerbate her arthritic hips and knees and affect her mobility.

“I want her to be as fat as she can be but not be unhealthily fat, and there’s a fine line there. As you get older, it can become more problematic, so there’s part of me that feels guilty that I like it so much,” Steve said, according to HuffPost UK.

“It’s something that as she gets older I struggle with because I feel bad about it, but I also like it. I feel conflicted sometimes, especially if she’s in a lot of pain or having a particularly hard day.”

Having huge hips might be hard at times, but it doesn’t stop New Yorker Marlena Plummer. The 35-year-old has 83-inch hips but still swims and pole dances.

Plummer says she’s been hippy since before she can remember, but doesn’t know why.

“I always had hips even as an infant. I have a small appetite and it’s a mystery why my hips are the way they are but I love my hips, I love my shape and I love me,” she said, according to the Mirror.

QUESTION: Do you believe these women really love their huge hips (and body) just the way it is, or do you think they say so because they don’t want to make an effort to change.

Watch the video below and then put your responses in EURThisNthat “comment” section.

4 thoughts on “Watch: This Video Hopes You’ll Think 8-Foot-Hips Are the ‘Sexy’ Wave of The Future (Hell No!)”

  1. I saw one of the big hipped women at Andrae Crouch’s memorial concert…. she came with a young man and carried her own chair which she sat out in the front where she could be on camera as much as possible. I think this is the key to why they want to be freaks…..just like the human Barbies …..makes them celebs!! The whole world is a circus and we have the freak show ….which includes these girls and kim kardasian who can thank jLo for her good fortune!

  2. To each their own. I don’t understand how anyone would want this much weight hip wise or otherwise. I think in terms of personal hygiene, perspiration, discomfort in riding and/or flying not to mention the toil it would cause on furniture.

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