This Kid Doesn’t Like Obama: Pre-Teen Puts President on Blast for ‘Not Loving America!’

C. J. Pearson, 12
C. J. Pearson, 12

*Wow, it seems our president has downright pissed off one politically-savvy pre-teen. C.J. Pearson, a 12-year-old middle school student from Georgia, has uploaded a video on his YouTube channel that calls President Barack Obama out for not really loving America. C.J. claimed that if Obama did love this country, he “would call ISIS what it really is—an assault on Christianity [and] an assault on America,” Pearson said.

And people are taking notice. As of early Monday afternoon the video had garnered 390,000 views.

C. J. said to the president, 

“If you loved America, President Obama, you wouldn’t try to take away what hardworking Americans have worked for their entire lives,” C.J. said, but he didn’t clarify what was being taken away from working Americans, yet he referenced a talking point by a popular Republican.

C.J. then commended former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani for “calling [Obama] out on his downright hatred of America” saying, “I applaud him for his comments and definitely do hope that one day other people will get enough guts to speak out against your downright hatred for this country,” the preteen said.

C.J. went on to criticize Obama’s actions on national security, saying that the president wasn’t willing to defend the nation against terrorism.

Who has a hard time believing this kid is 12? Who thinks he might be president one day?


Watch C. J’s full video below:

4 thoughts on “This Kid Doesn’t Like Obama: Pre-Teen Puts President on Blast for ‘Not Loving America!’”

  1. It’s quite evident that this charade was paid for, orchestrated and promoted by the republikkkan party to further demonize and un-legitimize President Obama. When he’s older and is stopped by an angry cop and hit over the head a few times, he’ll change his tune. SMH, fanteeking

  2. It’s clear that this little bastard was put up to this nonsense. Some ppl are just so full of shit until you won’t believe it.

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