Shameful: Police Beating Settlement Gives $459,000 to Attorneys, And $1,000 to Victim


*Double jeopardy had already been served to Anthony Warren, who is now serving time in prison. While leading Birmingham police officers on a high speed chase his car had flipped over and he was rendered unconscious. Once they caught him, they beat his a**

But that’s not all.

He sued and the city of Birmingham settled the lawsuit for $460,000. That’s a lot of money they’ll have to pay for the shameful act of beating an already unconscious man.

Too bad the victim will only see $1,000 of it.

According to, Warren’s legal team will be $459,000 richer while the victim will only get $1,000.

A video of Warren being kicked and punched even as he lay on the ground unconscious after leading police on a high speed chase in 2008 made national headlines. Warren had attempted to escape narcotics officers, but eventually ran into a bus and a squad car where his car flipped over and police caught him .

Chief A. C. Roper of the Birmingham Police Department called the actions of the officers “shameful”and five officers were relieved of duty after the video was made public.

Officers claimed that Warren put dozens of lives in danger during the chase.

“During the chase Mr. Warren endangered the lives of numerous innocent civilians and police officers,” Birmingham officials said in a written statement obtained by “The chase ended shortly after Mr. Warren struck a Hoover police officer with his vehicle on Highway 31. Although deadly force was warranted at various points during the chase, the officers testified that their goal was to preserve Mr. Warren’s life and the lives of innocent bystanders.”

Warren is currently in prison serving time on an attempted murder conviction.


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