Man Busted for Necrophilia: He Broke Into Funeral Home and Had Sex With a Dead Woman

Domonique Smith had sex with a dead woman
Domonique Smith

*I’m sorry, but its hard to process the state of mind a man would have to be in to find pleasure in having sex with a dead woman. I mean, how in the hell do you come to terms with something like that? 

Poor family. Damn you, Domonique Smith.

At first police arrested Smith for stealing a bicycle from Hill Watson Peoples Funeral Service. But while they were investing that, Georgia police uncovered something much more sinister. The 26-year old had sex with a deceased woman at the funeral home.

Although the burglary wasn’t reported until Monday morning, investigators believe the sex act occurred sometime between 7 pm Saturday and 7 am Monday. According to video evidence, Smith, who is homeless, was placed inside the funeral home on Sunday evening.

Captain Gordon Griswould said that he could not remember the last time there was a necrophilia case in Muscogee County, noting that it was “extremely rare.”

The dead woman’s family has been contacted, but the name of the dead woman has not been released, and an investigation is ongoing. The funeral home declined to discuss the incident any further.

“We hold our families dear,” funeral director Cedric Hill said. “We look for the best protection and security for the families we have served in this community for 65 years.”

Smith is being held on $20,000 bond. If he’s convicted of the necrophilia charge, he could be sentenced to between 1 and 10 years in prison.

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