Elderly Woman Accidentally Mails Rent Check to Comcast…And They Don’t Want to Give it Back! (Watch)


*Ah man, this could be any of our grandmamas. Old and fumbling, but insisting on getting those bills paid on time. Telling you, “Move baby. That’s alright. I can do it myself!” But she can’t…and she didn’t. Instead of mailing the rent check to the landlord, a 79-year-old woman accidentally mailed it to her cable company — Xfinity Comcast. Uh oh.

She mailed them her cable bill too.

But when ‘gramma’ went to rectify the situation — she was shocked when the telecom giant didn’t want to give her the money back.

Let’s play a little game, you and I, shall we? I’ll write a short script on how this scenario may have gone down. And you, reader, will write your version in the ‘comments’ section at the end of this story.

Ready? Here we go,

Comcast: “Ma’am, please. Just be patient. We will  have to investigate this and get back to you.”

Granny: “Well I don’t know about that son. I have to pay my rent. How long will it take?

Comcast: These things usually take about six weeks.

Granny: (Screaming at the top of her lungs) SIX WEEKS!?

…and then she faints.

Now of course that is not how the story went. CNET.com reported Francis Wilson of Albuquerque, New Mexico accidentally put her $235 rent check into the same envelope she used to pay her $20 cable bill.

Comcast took both checks to the bank and cashed them. When Wilson realized she had made the mistake and requested a refund, the telecom giant refused and offered her a credit on her account instead.

“You’re stealing from an old woman like me?” Wilson said to KRQE. “How dare you? You didn’t even call me? Who gave you permission?”

Well she already sounds a lot tougher than my version. You GO, gramma!

KRQE contacted Comcast. Those slicksters only rushed to turn the situation around and point it the right direction when they realized the news station was doing an investigative report on their practices.

“Our big focus was to correct the situation as soon as possible,” the rep said. Due to the publicity Comcast has also credited Wilson’s account for the next year.

CNET’s Chris Matyszczyk still isn’t convinced this was an isolated incident and is unmoved by the gesture. He asserts that Comcast generates many customer service nightmare stories and that the way they originally treated Wilson is their norm.

 “Its so-called retention specialists have been recorded treating customers to a certain hell of unwanted persistence,” Matyszczyk said.

See the news report in the video below. And don’t forget to write your scenario.

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