Obama Hopes ‘Selfie’ Will Get Americans to Beat Approaching Signup Deadline for Healthcare Initiative (Watch!)

Obama selfie2

*You’ve got to give it to our president, he will stop at nothing to get a deed done. Even if it means getting out of his comfort zone and gettin’ jiggy with it by posing for a selfie.

Barack Obama‘s  signature health care law at healthcare.gov has a sign up deadline approaching and the president did something way out of character to promote it.

He got together with BuzzFeed’s Andrew Ilnyckyj and went on camera wielding his selfie stick and dropping a “YOLO, man” in a video for BuzzFeed Motion Pictures with the goal of getting Americans to sign up. 

The video published on Thursday features Obama and Ilnyckyj doing “things everybody does but doesn’t talk about.”

Obama and Ilnyckyj make funny faces in the mirror, pose with selfie sticks, mime jump shots, and repeat weird words like “February” and “Wednesday” over and over.

At one point, he drops his coffee, exasperatingly saying, “Thanks, Obama.”

The President echoes the catchphrase when trying to dunk his too-big chocolate chip cookie into a glass of milk.

He even doodles a photo of Michelle: “That’s pretty good,” he says.

When Ilnyckyj runs into the President trying out his jump shot, Obama deadpans, “Can I live?”

The White House has stepped up their game in the past for the President’s health care website, too. Last year, Obama appeared on “Between Two Ferns” with Zach Galifinakis, and the move helped boost signups in a big way.

obama - mirror - tongue out

This video, coupled with interviews with YouTube stars and Vox, shows that even when it comes to the White House, and the leader of the free world, change is inevitable. This new media strategy appears to focus on using newer outlets to reach a younger audience.

“My advice to a future president is increasingly try to bypass the traditional venues that create divisions and try to find new venues within this new media that are quirkier, less predictable,” Obama told Vox in an interview taped in late January but released on Monday.

Watch the video below.

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