Jackson Hewitt Tax Rep and Customer ‘Come to Blows’ Inside Walmart Store (Watch!)

Jackson Hewitt and Walmart fight between women

*A Jackson Hewitt tax rep got into an argument with a customer at a store in Deer Park, and it came to blows.

And you know it was caught on camera, don’tcha?

Now the video is making its rounds on social media. The video shows a tax rep from Jackson Hewitt fighting with a customer inside a Walmart.

“Take your poor (expletive) out this store,” the Jackson Hewitt tax worker could be heard saying to a customer on video. “Your momma is a (expletive).”

The customer, Jessica Albitz, is then seen head butting the tax worker, Alice Keener. Keener fights back, and at one point, even takes Albitz by the head and starts banging it on a nearby table before slamming the woman to the floor.

Albitz told Eyewitness News that the two were in a verbal spat a day earlier when Albitz and her husband went to the Jackson Hewitt tax booth inside Walmart to file their taxes. Keener was not their tax worker, but was just clocking in to work.

“She came in in a bad mood, and so she took it out on us,” said Albitz. “She was very rude to us.”

Albitz said she left with her husband without incident. She said she came back to the store the next day to shop, and ran into Keener again. Albitz said Keener mumbled a profanity at her.

“I turn around and said ‘excuse me,'” said Albitz. “I did say something back. She came out of her cubicle and followed me to the entrance.”

The argument got out of control, Albitz said. She showed us a knot on her forehead from the headbutt and a huge bruise on her elbow. A trespassing warning was given to her by police when the fight was over.

In the video, Keener is heard yelling out that Albitz was the instigator.

“You better get her. You better get her. She coming in here messing with me I’m at work,” Kenner says in the video.

Eyewitness News has learned that Keener also works as a City of La Porte employee. She works as an EMS billing representative. Eyewitness News made several efforts to speak with Keener, but she has yet to responded to our requests.

Here’s the video.

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