TD Jakes’ Church Sued By Member Who Wrote Book About ‘Tithing’ As a ‘Sunday Morning Stickup’


*When David Lee Richardson wrote a book that essentially implied tithing is a rip-off, I guess he didn’t think the consequences all the way through. Especially since the church he held a leadership position in, was none other than the Dallas, Texas mega-church, The Potter’s House, founded by public figure Bishop T.D. Jakes. Now, after being stripped of his title and told that he and his family are no longer welcome at the church, Richardson has filed a lawsuit.

The church has a congregational attendance rate of 17,000 and is home to familiar names like Sheryl Brady, Joby Brady, and Mark Jeffries.

Richardson’s book,  “Sunday Morning Stickup: What Your Pastor Doesn’t Want You To Know About Tithes,” – yep, that’s the title, is a self-published work.

Richardson took to Collin County Court on Jan. 27 in order to sue The Potter’s House. He claims that his book, published in March of 2013, made no specific references to The Potter’s House or any of the church officials.

Richardson, who says he held a position of leadership at the church and primarily attended the north campus in Parker, says he was summoned to a meeting with two of the church pastors after posting the cover of his manuscript on his Facebook page.

“Plaintiff was advised that he was being asked to resign as a leader in the church and was officially stripped of his ordination license which he held for more than 20 years,” the court complaint stated.

“Defendant Pastor Brady expressed to plaintiff that she had no respect for him due to him writing the book. She went on to express that she makes no promises that she would read the book and she also expressed that leadership’s decision was based on the cover.

“Plaintiff was advised that defendant, Sheryl Brady, had spoken with T.D. Jakes prior to the meeting and was asked if she could strip plaintiff of his license and T.D. Jakes told her ‘yes.’”

Though Richardson’s membership to The Potter’s House was not revoked, he was not allowed to hold a leadership position, and could only attend under certain conditions.

“Jeffries told plaintiff that if plaintiff continued to attend church at The Potter’s House North, plaintiff would have to sit in the back if plaintiff sat in the middle section of the sanctuary,” the complaint stated. “Jeffries also pointed out a pillar to plaintiff and let plaintiff know that if plaintiff sat on the right side of the sanctuary, plaintiff would have to sit ten rows behind the indicated pillar.”

Richardson claims that on one occasion, on Jan. 27, 2013, he and his children were physically escorted out of the service by four police officers. The incident was a source of embarrassment and grief for him and his children.

“Once outside, plaintiff was told that earlier in the week the decision had been made to revoke his membership and he was no longer welcome at the church and if he returned he would be arrested for criminal trespass,” the document read.

Richardson is seeking punitive damages for negligence, conspiracy, aiding and abetting, assault, battery, defamation and intentional infliction of emotional distress.

10 thoughts on “TD Jakes’ Church Sued By Member Who Wrote Book About ‘Tithing’ As a ‘Sunday Morning Stickup’”

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  2. @well, that is a bunch of bullshit. I and plenty of others that I know tip very well even when the service isn’t all that. More importantly, what does your inaccurate comment have to do with the story?! Nothing!

  3. @Well, as Al K. Dhuh said, what does your comment have to do with the article? However, since you need attention, I will tell you that PLENTY of us tip more than the lousy suggested 20%. Many of us tip closer to the amount of the bill’s total. For example, if our bill if $50, we will tip $40. This has happened on MANY occasions. Perhaps your service sucks so badly, that some Black people refuse to tip you at all. Perhaps if you paid attention to your customers, then you would receive a bountiful tip however, I am sure you do not pay attention to them just as you did not pay attention to the topic in this article. Yep, I am so sure you just have attention deficit disorder. So before you return to work, seek some help and then you will notice a BIG difference in your tips from Blacks – and others.

  4. Why would the member want to attend a church where he does not feel welcomed? I know if I was stripped of my duties/leadership, I would never return. Of course, if I really believed that tithing was a rip-off, I would not attend church at all.
    It seems so OBVIOUS (to me) that he felt that the Potter’s House was squandering the congregation’s tithes, which is sad he felt that way. I wonder how long he had been a member and I wonder what did he expect after self-publishing his book. It is almost comical.

  5. Tithing is an old covenant mandate, Jesus said in the new covenant to give from your heart. Now we know if you are a Tither, you have received the law not the Lord, you have put yourself under the authorities and bondage of that man, Jesus freed us as people a long time ago. I myself was going through this, if I had help, I would start my own church. In Jesus name have a wonderful day.

  6. Ive always been confused about tithing, therefore i give from my heart. Most of the time its more than 10%

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