‘Stop Whining!’ is What 911 Dispatcher Told Girl Whose Dad Was Killed in Accident (Listen)

911 operator, stop whining

*Let me put your mind at ease. Though the “damage” has already been done, don’t worry. The public has now been spared of the 911 dispatcher who told a teen to “stop whining” after the teen’s father had been killed. That operator no longer has interaction with citizens, as confirmed by an official named Anne Arundel.

NBC Washington reports 38 year old Rick Warrick and his fiance were taking Warrick’s two teenagers to Dave & Buster’s on Sunday, but their tire went flat on the Baltimore Washington Parkway in Maryland.

Warrick, a car salesman, pulled his 2007 Hyundai Sonata over to change the tire.

He was struck by a hit-and-run driver in the process.

The incident occurred around 9:15pm. Warrick’s fiance also suffered serious injuries by the hit and run driver.


An audio recording captured the conversation (see transcription directly below) between the 911 dispatcher and Warrick’s teen daughter.

Teen: Can y’all please hurry up!”

911: “Ma’am, stop yelling, I need a location,” the operator said, then the teen explains the situation and location.

911: “OK, 295, that’s good. We’re located now on a highway. Now that’s a pretty long road,” he says.

The teen tells the dispatcher that two people were hit by a car.

Teen: “Yes, they both…”

Then the dispatcher interrupts.

“OK, let’s stop whining. OK, let’s stop whining. It’s hard to understand you… two people were struck, correct?” the operator said.

As the teen explains that there are two people lying on the ground, the operator makes a request.

911: “Is there someone else there I can talk to, because it’s so hard…”

Russ Davis with the Anne Arundel County Fire Department acknowledged mistakes made by the 911 operator, but says he was trying to help.

“However, what he was attempting to do was to get her attention, to start ascertaining information from her,” Davis said. “It was pretty clear at that point they didn’t know where they were.”

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