Co-Worker’s ‘Sexcapade’ Put on Blast After ‘Office Romp’ is Witnessed and Live-Tweeted (Pictures!!!)

Office sexcapade
See the pair, pictured above, at the far-right end of the building.

*Oh gawd.

I swear, I hate to laugh at the expense of others, but this is the funniest thing I’ve seen today. Two colleagues at Christchurch insurance company Marsh Ltd.  is feeling the heat today – only hours after they created their own during a hot and steamy ‘sexcapade’ after hours, in the office, while in full view thanks to the huge picture windows they thought the tint would shield them from.

A source says the wife of one of the workers (perhaps the man, but not for certain) hasn’t stopped crying since the affair went public.

Christchurch insurance company Marsh Ltd.  is where the act took place. And it was photographed, filmed and uploaded to social media by loads of folks partying at the Carlton Bar across the street.

Needless to say, the “evidence” quickly went viral. Commentary and all!

“Opposite the Carlton bar where the whole pub knew about it and was watching, while they were totally oblivious to it. And afterwards celebrating with wine,” Alex Wilton wrote on Facebook, alongside photos of the man and woman. reported today the man was a manager at the company and was married with children. His devastated wife was no longer speaking to him and had been crying “non-stop,” a source said.

I'd say they were ready for their close up, Mr. De Mille!
I’d say they were ready for their close up, Mr. De Mille!

Neither of the two colleagues showed up at work today and attempts to reach either of them were futile; with calls to their office being answered by colleagues.

The man wasn’t answering his cellphone and the woman has deleted her FaceBook page.

Unfortunately for them, they can’t hide forever. But I’ll bet by the time they resurface, they will have come to terms with it in their own way.

One Marsh Ltd. spokesman said it was “an internal” matter and wouldn’t comment.

But in a statement on Monday, the company said an investigation has been launched.

“Marsh is very disappointed by the conduct of two colleagues at our Christchurch premises,” company chief Grant Milne said in a statement.

“The inappropriate actions of those two individuals are not representative of the many professional colleagues we have at Marsh.”

It is believed that the pair thought the tinted windows in the office would stop anyone from looking in,TVNZ reported.

“Everyone knew about it,” Wilton told 3 News. “The band that was playing at the time stopped because everyone else was more interested in watching them … We all had a good laugh. It was the highlight of the night.”

The fate of the unnamed lovers is not yet known.

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