Wow! Man Reels in Huge, Rare, (U-g-l-y) Shark in Australia

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Though I can’t show you the actual fish, THIS is what it looks like and I can point you towards the REAL THING…Keep reading.

*Wow! That’s one oogly fish. They call the fish depicted in the photo above a ‘living fossil’ its so rare. And its the same type of shark that was caught by an Australian fisherman. The goblin shark is a deep-water shark and last week it ended up in a fishing trawl net in deep waters off Australia.

An excited Lochlainn Kelly, 22, who was out fishing with his father Mike, said he was “more excited than frightened” when he spotted the creature in their net along with a load of crayfish, according to the Sydney Morning Herald and Merimbula News.

‘Living fossil’ species dates back 125 million years and is typically found in depths of 3,000 to 4,000 feet; this juvenile was taken at 2,000 feet

Called the world’s rarest shark, and definitely a contender for the world’s ugliest sea creature, its the lone surviving member of the Mitsukurinidae family, which dates back 125 million years.

Alan Scrymgeour of the Sapphire Coast Marine Discovery Centre says the creature belongs to an “evolutionary dead end,” because it stopped evolving about 70 million years ago during the dinosaur era.

The goblin shark has a unique elongated, paddle-like snout that features hundreds of small sensors that can detect small electrical fields produced by the crustaceans and cephalopods they feed on.

See the incredible photos of THE REAL THING and learn more about the creature at Grind TV.

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