Is This New Dating App Racist? (Take a Look!)

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*You do realize that in this day and age there is an “App” for everything–including online dating. So now comes the critiques. There’s a new dating app called “The League” that some say right out of the gate is racist. After supposedly doing research on some of the veteran dating sites (think eHarmony) this new site shows that  you’ve been doing online dating wrong, and from the looks of what they’ve come up with,  it may be time you give up online dating altogether. The elite app is said to have been created for folks overly concerned with a potential partner’s career/education. App founder, Amanda Bradford, said, “We’re trying to hit home that these people do have high standards.” 

High standards that include race apparently, since the app requires people to submit their ethnicity. 

The site has to “accept” you first, and that has to be up to how you answer the questions. So, if “the site” doesn’t like your answers, you don’t even get to play.


The issue here is that a person is required to declare their ethnicity. I must admit, Though I don’t mind my potential hookup knowing my ethnicity, I’m not so sure its necessary to be a “requirement” to get on the site to potentially get a date. Herein lies the problem. The “race card” can be used to deny your application. And you can’t submit the application without answering that question.

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Now understand, other online dating sites allow a person to state their ethnicity, but its not a requirement. So The League is already  being criticized for this seemingly racist stipulation, but Bradford justifies the stip by saying the “ethnicity data” is meant to help the site be more inclusive by being “diverse.” 

So readers, take a look at the video below. What say you? Is this a site you’d sign up for or would you be offended by the question on race?

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