Civil Rights Activists ‘Forgive’ White Officer Who Threw ASU Professor to Ground


*“People make mistakes,” said Phoenix community activist Renee Huff. “By God, we need to be able to forgive people.”

The verdict is in. Black activists have chosen to forgive officer Stewart Ferrin, whose behavior was deemed ‘not inappropriate’ even after footage from his dashcam showed him forcing Arizona State University professor Dr. Ersula Ore down on the hood, before throwing her to the ground, because she crossed a campus street where construction was taking place.

The civil rights officers, who decided to have a “Lemonade Summit” with the officer, had at first threatened to march on campus if the officer ended up being reinstated. But after the meeting where they say they got to know the officer, the whole smell of the situation changed.

Ferrin was placed on leave and even faced termination after the incident. But now, According to his lawyer, the officer is no longer facing termination, and the final decision will be left with the new police chief, Michael Thompson.

Rev. Jarrett Maupin of Phoenix got together with other activists for the lemonade summit with Ferrin at Lo Lo’s Chicken and Waffles. They agreed that after getting to know the officer, they wanted to see him reinstated.


“It would be very sad to put (the family) in any economic harm’s way,” Maupin said. “So we will be calling (today) for the university to place him back on active status.”

Wow. I would love to have been a fly on that wall.

And the vote was unanimous as other activists who attended the summit agreed that the issue should be dropped and Ferrin should be allowed to go on with his life.

Ersula Ore being manhandled

Ferrin had actually said in an interview that he couldn’t tell what color Ore was before arresting her. He also said he can identify with what it feels like to be a minority since he did missionary work in Chile.

I wonder how Dr. Ore feels about this. 

Call me, girl.


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