Bruce Jenner, Aka Kim K’s StepDad, Fixin’ to Open Up to Media on Male to Female Transition

Kris Khardashian and Bruce Jenner in a different time and place
Kris and Bruce Jenner in a different time and place during their 20 year marriage

*Hey, transitions are expensive, no doubt. And Bruce Jenner was probably holding out for an acceptable number of zero’s to talk about his journey from being Kris Jenner‘s husband, the Khardashian siblings stepfather and biological dad to some, to becoming a full-blown woman….publicly.

Whoo, the interview where Jenner is reportedly preparing to discuss his “wish to transition from male to female,” with Us Weekly should be a real doozy. Reports claim he has already “taped a major sit-down interview.”

Sidebar: Does anyone else feel that the one they should be talking to is Kris? I mean, how on earth does she seriously deal with her ex-husband becoming a woman?

The public has witnessed the change in Jenner’s appearance over these months and from some more recent shots, dude will soon be needing a bra. While any “speculation” should be dead in the water by now, Gossip Cop claims folks started asking questions in the wake of his 2013 split from Kris Jenner; when the former athlete appeared to become more attached to a feminine look. Jenner grew his hair out, started wearing nail polish and more.

What part of these blatant signals did his wife not get?


He even took it a step further and had surgery in January 2014,  and this was confirmed, to have his Adams apple being shaved down.

Even then, Jenner denied it was the first step towards a journey to gender reassignment. He flipped it off to TMZ at the time saying, “I just never liked my trachea.”

Kris seems to have been in denial. When questioned by the media she dismissed the claims of Jenner being transgender as dumb tabloid talk. As Gossip Cop reported last year, she appeared on the “Today Show” around the same time that her husband was having surgery, and slammed the speculation as decades-old rumors. And then, last October, she appeared on the program again, calling the continued chatter “silly.” “They’ve been saying that since the ’70s. You’d think that’d be cooked by now,” she said.

Does she feel like a fool right about now?

Then Kim Khardashian appears on “Entertainment Tonight” recently and was asked if her stepfather is “going through something.” Though she didn’t divulge any specifics, and you have to give her props for not breaking even the slightest sweat, she did say that “We support Bruce in whatever he does,” and said that he would share his “journey” when “the time is right.”

According to Us Weekly, that time is rapidly approaching. The magazine says Jenner was “uncomfortable” going public for a while, but now, with his family’s blessing, “wants to put it all out there.” “Bruce has had these urges for many years, so the kids have known,” one Jenner “friend” tells the outlet, further saying that Jenner takes on a more womanly appearance at home than he has so far in public.

I do wonder who, and I’m not attempting to make light of his plight here, his ‘role model’ might be?

Jenner has been married three times now, including his marriage to Kris Jenner. He has children with all three wives, and according to Us Weekly, who quotes a source, Jenner was already “taking steps to live as a woman” when he met Kris in 1990. The source claims he “had gone to doctors, started plastic surgery, and begun the transition.” Kris, however, allegedly “talked Bruce out of acting on  his feelings.” Tension over the issue reportedly dominated the couple’s marriage, eventually leading to their breakup after more than 20 years together. As Gossip Cop reported, the former couple filed for divorce last fall, more than a year after their separation.

Jenner is said to be now taking estrogen hormones, even as soon-to-be ex-wife Kris has “refused to accept the truth.” Us Weekly says the momager remains in “denial,” and quotes its source as saying “she has made no attempts to understand” what Jenner is going through.

In addition to what Us Weekly claims will be a “tell-all interview,” the magazine reports Jenner will also have an E! show that speaks to his desire to look like and live as a woman.

Of course, no one has admitted to such a show either.

Denial is a bitch.

Bruce, we remember when, dude.
Bruce, we remember when, dude.

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