Woman Gets 2 Years in Prison ‘Cause She Poured Hot Bacon Grease on Ex-Boyfriend

Shiree Franklin


*Dang, as if being burned by a pot of hot grits isn’t frightening enough (Wink. Wink. Its a think back thing), an Oregon woman will now serve time in prison for admittedly throwing hot bacon grease on an ex-boyfriend. This, while he was sleeping.

That’s one helluva way to wake somebody up. Sends this body into spasms just thinking about it. 

Defense attorney Brian Schmonsees said this about the thought of his client, Shiree Franklin, being in prison, “I’m not particularly happy about it. It’s going to put a good woman in prison.”

Well, I guess he had to say something.

Franklin was arrested in July and charged with one count of first-degree assault for domestic violence.

OregonLive reports that her defense attorney said Franklin accepted the plea deal because she feared she might be sentenced to seven years in prison if she didn’t accept it.

Spokesman Sgt. Pete Simpson said police were called to Franklin’s home at 2:45 a.m. due to complaints of a man being burned with sizzling hot grease.

Police say Franklin told them that her ex-boyfriend, Herman Jackson Jr., showed up at her apartment and she let him inside because he had been hanging around outside.

The ex apparently fell asleep on the sofa and Franklin poured grease on him “because it was time for him to go.”

Jackson was rushed to the hospital and treated for non-life threatening burns.

Interestingly, this couple has an assault history that is now appears to be  in reverse. In the past, complaints have been that it was Jackson assaulting Franklin. Those reports did not, however, never resulted in charges against the boyfriend.

Prosecutor Traci Anderson says none of this excuses Franklin’s actions.

“It’s hard to imagine this — pouring hot oil — was the reasonable course of action,” Anderson said.

Franklin also admitted that she had been under the influence of drugs and alcohol at the time of the assault. The woman is said to suffer from mental illness, and has previously attempted suicide.

Seriously, these people need prayer.

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