Uh Oh! Cop Shoves Black Man in Wheelchair into the Street…And its Caught On Camera!


*You get the feeling every police officer out there dreads the fact that the all-seeing-eye of a camera has come into existence. Add to that, the “everyday Joe” can capture them doing just about anything, and there’s nothing the police can do about it. Offenses that may have been one persons’ word against the officer’s in the past, now take on a whole new dimension. For example, it will be interesting to hear the story that a San Francisco police officer comes up with, to justify why he shoved a man in a wheelchair into the street.

The SFPD is launching an internal investigation after videos emerged appearing to show the officer pushing a man in a wheelchair off of a curb into the street. Causing the man to nearly fall out of his seat.

Scroll down for the video.

The incident being investigated happened around 4 p.m. Sunday in the Visitacion Valley neighborhood of San Francisco, department spokeswoman Officer Grace Gatpandan told The Huffington Post.

Apparently, bystanders’ videos posted to YouTube and Facebook, showed the incident began when Bo Frierson — who is in a wheelchair due to a spinal cord injury, according to ABC 7 — approached officers who were questioning his friends and began to intervene. After a verbal altercation, an SFPD officer appears to push Frierson over the curb. It seems one of the videographers, perhaps the one heard on camera, rushed to Frierson’s aid.

“He tried to dump me out, you can see, a couple of times. Lucky for the seat belt,” Frierson told ABC 7 News. “What if I were to just fall on my face? I mean, I could have died.”

Gatpandan told HuffPost that the department’s internal affairs investigators and the independent Office of Citizens Complaints are looking into the incident. The department has not released the names of the officers in the video. Gatpandan told Bay City news that none of the officers has been put on leave.

Here’s the video.

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