Atlanta Mom Who’d Holler, ‘I’m Blessed’ — Kills Self and Her Three Children in Murder-Suicide

mother kills self and children, cop car

*Neighbors said they noticed a lack of noise coming from the apartment and now they know why. The bodies of a woman identified as Kisha Holmes and three children ranging in age from 9 months to 10 years old was discovered in a suburban Atlanta apartment on Tuesday. Authorities believe it was a murder-suicide carried out by the mother.

The grisly scene was discovered by a maintenance man who had gone there to repair a clothes dryer, Cobb County police spokesman Dana Pierce said.

Police believe Holmes, 35, “first took the lives of her three children and then her own,” according to a police statement.

A girl, aged 9 months, and two boys, ages 4 and 10, were amongst the deceased, police said.

“I woke up today and I heard all this craziness going on,” one resident, Xavier Villalba, told The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “But no one heard anything.”

Ronald Stevens, who lives underneath the Holmes apartment, said he occasionally saw his upstairs neighbor in the apartment complex parking lot.

“I’d say, ‘How you doing?’” Stevens recalled Tuesday afternoon. “She’d holler, ‘I’m blessed!’”

He also learned to listen for thumps in the ceiling – proof, he said, that children were banging about in the apartment above.

“For the past few days,” he said, “it’s been quiet up there.”

Authorities haven’t released the exact cause of death and it is not known exactly how long the bodies have been in the apartment.


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