Stop Being a Dummy: 5 Things You Absolutely Should Not Share on FaceBook


*Now you know that no matter how many times you warn people not to tell all of their business on social media, there will still be people whose gonna do it anyway. Then, those same people, turn around and wonder how it is they got robbed; developed identity theft issues or sadly, even worse. But we’re not going to stop giving out the warnings because, well, that’s what we do in the news business. So we’re giving you tips, according to commercial talk radio host Kim Komando, of 5 things you definitely should NOT give out on your social media account.

It doesn’t mean FaceBook won’t ask you for some of them. It is you who should not oblige.

I mentioned identity theft being one of the circumstances of blabbering on the ‘Net. But I also warned it can get even worse.

You could actually attract a stalker.

Here’s the first thing on the please stop being a dummy list, when it comes to what you put on FaceBook/social media.

1. Please, please don’t get too specific online about where you live.

You can easily slip up here. Showing out, talking about how fly your pad up on Rodeo Drive is, in the 500 block, right near the…

You get my drift. Stop it!

Komando says that apart from the fact that you will give criminals information on the best time to rob your house, and post pictures when you are on vacation or attending an event, it’s never good to let people know your exact address or give so much info they can put two-and-two together and figure it out.

Here’s what you do instead: If you need certain people to know your address, send them a “personal message” or invite them to “inbox you” if they require more details.

2. Yes, everyone is happy that you finally got a J.O.B., but spare us the details, for your own good.

Posting details of where you work on your Facebook account, especially if you add specifics like which department you’re in, makes a hacker’s life real easy. Its like giving them a road map into your company’s computer systems.

Another reason to keep this information private might be if one of your present or past co-workers has a grudge against you. They could easily look up fellow employees on Facebook and find out information about you that might hurt you with your employers.

3. Your relationship status.

It’s best to remove your relationship status entirely from Facebook and only give out this kind of personal information to those people you know you can trust. You could attract unwanted attention from would be admirers, if you let them know you are “single.”

4. Credit card details or other payment information.

Although it may be easier to purchase things straight through Facebook, such as gift cards, if you give them your credit card number, remember using the social media site is free. If Facebook keeps asking for this information, just ignore their request.

Hackers are frequently searching for Facebook users who have left their account open when they have used another computer and giving credit card information makes it easy for them to order what they want, leaving you to pay.

5. No, we didn’t forget about this one. Nor should you!

Learn about it and how to avoid these potential dangers by changing your personal settings. Visit Financial Juneteenth to learn more.


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