Boy’s ‘Crocodile Tears Meltdown’ After Packers Championship Loss Hits the ‘Net (Watch)

Little boy

*Never underestimate the depth of emotions a true sports fan can show! No matter how young they may be. When the Green Bay Packers were defeated in the NFC Championship game two days ago, one 6-year-old boy had a serious meltdown. But his mom, Kierra Yarbrough decided to videotape it and then posted it online.

The video showed the boy bawling his eyes out over the Packers loss — but instead of putting shame in his game with the kids at school … the meltdown got him a brand bike!

Little Xavier is seen practically drowning in tears after Green Bay’s devastating defeat to the Seattle Seahawks — and then, to top off the loss, he saw a Seattle player riding around the field on a bicycle … and he really lost it.

See the video below as Kierra tellsTMZ Livewhy she decided to risk her son’s rep at school by putting him and his meltdown on  blast.

But the video did just the opposite, Xavier’s mom says the kid was offered a new bike by a local Seattle coffee shop that had seen the video and reached out to him.


Watch the video showing Xavier’s “meltdown” directly below.

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