Teen Helps Save Life of Officer That Arrested Him…Now He’s Being Honored (Watch)

teen saves officers life

*While Franklin Foulks, 2nd from left,  was processing the paperwork following the arrest of 16-year-old Jamal Rutledge, the officer collapsed on the floor – apparently from a heart attack or stroke. But instead of relishing in this, the arrested teen acted quickly, and although he was in handcuffs, he still managed to get the attention of other officers in the precinct by screaming and kicking on the fence.

The incident happened in September in Fort Lauderdale.

Foulks’ fellow officers, Raymond Ketchmark, far  left, Robert Norvis, 2nd from right, and Sergeant Todd Bunin, far right, jumped into action and cut off Faults’ vest, performed CPR and used a defibrillator to stimulate his heart until paramedics arrived and took over.

Scroll down to see the entire incident on video.

This heroic action did not go unnoticed by the the Fort Lauderdale Police Department, who in turn honored Rutledge and the 3 officers for saving Officer Foulks’ life.

teen saves life of officer

And this, from the site of Sandra Rose: In the photo directly above, do you see how officer Foulks is sitting on the stool with his legs under him? Doctors warn patients against sitting in this position for prolonged periods of time because it can lead to Deep Vein Thrombosis (DVT) which can lead to strokes, heart attacks or sudden death. Especially if you have a history of heart conditions, poor circulation, or high blood pressure.

With every beat of your heart, arterial blood races through your body to deliver oxygen and nutrients to your organs. The journey on the way back to your heart is much slower because the blood in your veins is not under as much pressure as your arteries (blood pressure).

So if there are obstacles in the way, such as sitting with your legs under you, cutting off circulation, the blood slows down and pools in one spot. This is when blood clots form in the deep veins of your legs. When you stand up and move around, the clots break off and travel to your heart or lungs, causing serious medical problems, difficulty breathing or death.

Watch the entire incident in the video below. The incident begins around the 38:30 mark, or you can click here.

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