This Mother Tells Judge She ‘Can’t Recall’ Where She Left Her Infant Child…He Rescinds Bond

Melissa Mitlin told a judge she “really can’t recall” where her newborn boy is.

*Some of us women had the jitters accompanied by scary thoughts before giving birth to our first child. Especially us children of the 60s, who grew up on house parties. I actually recall saying to a friend when I was about six months pregnant, “OMG, what if I forget her on the bed, in the room with the coats.”

But of course this never happened. My child was my life. From day one.

Which makes the story of this 25-year-old Okemos woman tough to take. She’s facing murder charges in the December 2013 death of her infant girl and then turned around and gave birth to a baby boy last month and now he’s missing.

This “mother” (and I use the term loosely), actually told an Ingham County family court judge on Tuesday that she “could not recall” where the baby boy is, Ingham County Assistant Prosecutor Debra Rousseau said at a hearing today in circuit court.

“Which is startling, to say the least,” Rousseau said, adding: “We believe she is a danger to the community — and of course the most vulnerable members (of the community) are infants who can’t speak for themselves.”

After hearing this, Circuit Judge Jim Jamo changed his mind about bail. Melissa Mitin had been free on a $5,000 bond while she awaited trial in the 2013 case, but now she will be held at the Ingham County Jail without bond .

Jamo also granted a request by Mitin’s attorney, Frank Reynolds, today. He asked to send her for competency tests at the state’s Center for Forensic Psychiatry. The tests will determine if Mitlin is competent to stand trial and if she can be held criminally responsible, these tests are typically completed within 60 to 90 days.

Reynolds told Jamo that after meeting with Mitin Tuesday and based on her claims in family court that she doesn’t know where her baby boy is, “I have some serious concerns about her psychological well-being.”

Reynolds declined to elaborate further after the hearing.

Mitin was charged last year in the Dec. 26, 2013 death of her baby girl, after according to testimony, she concealed the pregnancy, gave birth in a bathroom and put the infant face down in a wastebasket. The umbilical cord and placenta were still attached.

Read more on this at the Detroit Free Press.

Anyone with information, or who may have seen Mitin between mid-December and early January is urged to call Meridian Township police at 853-4800 or email Sgt. Andrew McCready at [email protected]

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