NYC Housing Authority Directs Tenants to Fire Hydrant When Water Stops

fire hydrant

*Tenants at the Wyckoff Gardens housing development in Brooklyn’s Boerum Hill section were understandably  livid when the water in their decrepit building went out for nearly a week.

But what pissed them off even more than that was when the Housing Authority directed them to “bring their buckets” to the “water station” on the corner to get by until the problem was fixed.

That sounds a lot better than what it actually was – the corner fire hydrant.

“That water was cold, freezing cold,” said Monica Underwood, 63, who has lived at Wyckoff for 33 years. “My feet and pants were wet. I was going to a fire hydrant to get water! How can you get enough water to cook, clean and flush the toilet?”

The water had gone out last Saturday and was off and on again all week until it came back on Thursday.

“It’s crazy. Ridiculous. They didn’t have enough respect for us to come around and tell us. They made no effort to reach the handicapped, the elderly,” said 61-year-old resident Beverly Corbin.

water notice, bring your bucket to fire hydrant
A notice tells tenants to ‘bring your buckets’ to a nearby ‘water station’ outside.

Public Advocate Letitia James told the NY Daily News, “I want an explanation as to why anyone would think that a fire hydrant would be an acceptable means to get water.”

'I’m furious. I couldn’t go out and get water from a hydrant,' said Beverly Corbin, 61, who is confined to a wheelchair.
‘I’m furious. I couldn’t  go out and get water from a hydrant,’ said Beverly Corbin, 61, who is confined to a wheelchair.

Families United for Racial and Economic Equality distributed cases of water until they had run out, but residents say this is only a symptom of a larger problem: decaying, aging buildings and an apathetic housing authority.

Read more at the NY Daily News.

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