Wish You Hadn’t Sent That Text – Now There’s an App to Get it Back

Text app,  CEO Maci Peterson
Maci Peterson, co-founder and CEO of On Second Thought


*Its happened to any one of us, probably more times than we care to remember.

You write one of those emotional texts. Telling him to go straight to you-know-where, or her to leave you the eff alone.

Or maybe you’ve had a bad day. You haven’t even had a chance to answer the texts already sitting on your phone before another comes in. You’re tired, hungry and downright cranky so you pick up that phone and start cussing out whoever it is.

After a little while you start feeling guilty. You ask yourself why did you send those means texts and wish you could take them back, but you know you can’t, right?

Not so fast. There is an app for that now.

 Yes. With technology being as advanced as it is it was only a matter of time before someone would put energy into creating a text recall app.

Now of course there are time limits. I mean, you can’t go and take a nap and wake up hours later trying to delete or edit them. But you can get them back within a reasonable time frame thanks to an app called, On Second Thought.

 “We’ve all had that experience where we send a text message [that] made us look like complete idiots. We’ve all had that text message that we wish we could get back, and now we have the opportunity to do that with On Second Thought,” Maci Peterson, the co-founder and CEO of On Second Thought, told The Root.

The app launched two days before Christmas 2014 and is said to be  pretty easy to use. You download it from the app store, set it as your primary messaging app and start texting away. When you realize you’ve sent a text that you wish you hadn’t, you either swipe left to recall and edit it or you swipe right to completely delete it.

The app and the company was Maci Peterson’s creation. The beautiful young entrepreneur won first place in a start-up-pitch competition in March 2014 at the South by Southwest festival in Texas and the win boosted her confidence and motivated her to start the long process of pulling together a team and moving forward with the project..

But Peterson was not without her share of stress along the way to developing this app. With eyes on an initial launch date in November, she suffered the ups and downs many entrepreneurs can relate too (and many succumb to).

In this case, among other things, she had to deal with team members leaving – which meant the code had to be rewritten from scratch. The product that is now available in Google’s Play store took six weeks to build with a relatively new team consisting of Peterson’s co-founders: Gary Keeler, who also acts as chief creative officer, and Stewart Voit, who is chief operating officer.

“It’s a journey that’s been completely filled with blessings, like the team that I have now; the two co-founders are amazing,” says Peterson, who happens to be African American.

Read more about Peterson’s plans to market this innovative new app in the article by Breanna Edwards at The Root.

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