Watch: Couple Arrested for Making Video of Toddler With Gun in Mouth

Couple with toddler gun in mouth
L-R Michael Lee Barnes and Toni Helane Wilson

*Hold me back, will you? 

An Indiana couple was charged with child neglect for just being stupid. The idiots went far beyond stupidity and ill judgement when they actually videotaped themselves while displaying the behavior. These parents of a one-year-old girl put themselves and the child on camera as they instructed her to put a gun in her mouth and make sounds like the weapon was firing, according to police. 

The Vanderburgh County Sheriff’s Office charged the Indiana pair after they obtained the video, which authorities in Evansville said they found Friday on the father, Michael Barnes’ cellphone. In a written statement by Evansville police, Barnes is said to have been arrested on Thursday after he agreed to sell a handgun to an undercover officer through a transaction made on social media.

Scroll down for a photo and video.

During what police called a “follow up investigation,” officers looking through Barnes’ phone discovered the video of the one-year-old baby putting a gun in her mouth. In the background, two adults, identified as Barnes and the toddler’s mother, Toni Wilson, 22, encouraged the child to play with the weapon, police said.

“Barnes can be heard telling the child to say “pow” on multiple occasions while the child plays with the gun,” police said. “The video also shows the child placing the muzzle of the gun in her mouth. At no point does Barnes try to stop the child from playing with the gun,” the statement said.


The mother lied to police – telling them that the firearm was a pellet gun. But Evansville police said the weapon was a .40 caliber handgun.

The parents of the child now face multiple charges in the incident, including child neglect and criminal recklessness with a deadly weapon. Barnes also faces charges in connection with the thwarted gun sale, police said.

The 12-month-old girl and one-month-old twins in the home were placed in emergency care, police said.

Barnes and Wilson were in custody and not available for comment. It was unclear if they had obtained attorneys or how they intended to plead.

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