Watch: Mama Dog Braves Georgia Cold to Stay With Dead Puppy in Cemetery

Dog braves georgia cold for dead puppy

*Providing concrete proof that you don’t have to be a mama of the human kind to grieve the loss of your child, one dog in Savannah, GA is giving a community trying to help a very hard time.

She does not want to leave the cemetery where her dead puppy is and she won’t let anyone near her to help – in spite of frigid temperatures.

The story came to our attention when 15-year-old photographer Hunter Cone accidentally came upon the canine while on an assignment to find a specific monument in Laurel Grove North Cemetery.

“I was walking through Laurel Grove cemetery… I looked over and saw a dog. I thought it was a statue because it was so still,” he explained to Savannah Morning News.  “I looked closer and saw a dead puppy and realized it was a mom mourning the loss of her puppy.”

The teen and his mom, Jennifer, attempted to bring the dog food and water, but couldn’t get close to the dog who became aggressive or ran away when anyone tried. So Hunter posted photos of the find on Facebook, and that’s how word spread and the community got involved.

“I’ve gotten tons of messages,” Hunter said.  “When one person shares it, it goes around pretty fast.”

He and his mom have been visiting the dog every day until she will let them rescue her.

“The dog ran off [Wednesday], we found it [Thursday], and saw she had buried the pup under a bush and she was sitting near the puppy still,” Hunter said.  “I’ve seen before how mothers treat their puppies, but this is different. She is sticking around, which leads me to believe it must be her last puppy.”

Because laws in Chatham County are different, and they don’t allow local rescue groups to intervene, Hunter worries about what will happen to the stray. His only option appears to be to take her to animal control. And the mere thought of this sickens him.

“I wish the laws were different. … This is going to be a process,” he said.

See the video news report directly below. Read more at Life With Dogs

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