Want to Know How Easy It Is to Steal Your Identity from a ‘Selfie’? This Hacker Tells You!

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*After you read this article, you may think twice before snapping that selfie.

According to  the biggest hacker group in Germany, the Chaos Computer Club, its really easy for someone to break through the four most common types of computer protection and steal your identity.

“Starbug” – the mysterious keynote speaker at a cybersecurity conference in Hamburg last month, showed up in a black hoodie with the word “terrorist” emblazoned across the front to demonstrate how unsecured our computers and cellphones really are, despite all the efforts that go into creating passwords, lock codes, fingerprint scanners, facial recognition systems or even iris scanners.

As Starbug demonstrated, a hacker doesn’t even have to be in the same room as the victim to swipe their information.

According to him, photographs posted online can be used to recreate the fingerprints of an unsuspecting victim. And then, those prints can be recreated and used to unlock an iPhone with a thumbprint scanner, a computer with a fingerprint lock system, or a gun safe that relies on a fingerprint to gain access.

Can you say DaYUM!

It’s scary. Fingerprints can be snatched from virtually anywhere, he said, flippantly adding, “If you ever want to write a ransom letter…wear a pair of gloves.”

Starbug actually won a contest to break through Apple’s security system. A group called “Is Touch ID Hacked Yet?” put out the challenge, and paid the winner in bitcoins.

And for the selfie generation, check this out: if you rely on a security code for protection, beware. A reflection of a person’s phone can be seen in their eye (See the photo directly below from YouTube)

eye Dentity theft

A closer examination of the keypad suggests it’s possible to see which numbers were tapped to unlock the phone. Just by identifying which digits had the greatest number of fingerprints, patterns and possible lock codes were easily identified.

Identity theft keypad

Starbug told folks in the audience their first few attempts to figure out the code were unsuccessful. However, because most cellphones allow multiple unlocking attempts before shutting down, the hackers were able to get through the locking code about 90 percent of the time.

In another example, he demonstrated how a photograph of a person’s face could fool a basic iris scan.Eye picture 3

Starbug blew the audience away with these next demonstrations. But you’ll have to check it out at The Blaze.com

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