“Slap Her, Hard!” Boys in Italian PSA on Domestic Violence Told to Hit Girl in Face (Watch)


*You might think you know what a boy will do if a girl is put in front of him and he is asked to slap her.

After all, domestic abuse is a big problem all around the world. And little boys often see men hit their girlfriends and wives. For today’s youth, its easy to mimick something you’ve been witnessing all of your life, right?

A 2012 United Nations report on Italy called domestic violence “the most pervasive form of violence” in the country. And the country’s former Prime Minister Enrico Letta had another name for it: femicide—the killing of women at the hands of current or former lovers.

Now, an online Italian publication called Fanpage has put an interesting spin on how children respond to the problem. In the video below,  six boys between 7 and 11 years old are interviewed. They are asked to give their names, ages, and they are asked what they want to be when they grow up, and why.

They obediently respond, and then…

The interviewer brings a beautiful young girl on camera. The boys immediately smile and become coyish as they look at her, then back at the off-camera interviewer. Her name is Martina. The interviewer wants to know what is bringing those smiles about – so he asks what they like about her (her eyes, her shoes and her hands!). They obediently make funny faces at her, and caress her arm and face gently.

Still smiling…

Then, finally, the interviewer gives one more instruction: “Slap her… Hard.”

What happens next is fairly predictable, but pretty remarkable nonetheless.

The video (a project by Ciaopeople Media Group) has been viewed almost 33 million times on Facebook in three days.

It’s an awesome video and its viral status is well-deserved! See it directly below.


…and that’s in any language. Ciao baby!

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