Man Thinks He Won Big in Lottery, Then Learns Ticket Was a Misprint (And He Gets Nothing!)

Lott Fail

*Yes, anyone who has ever played the lottery will admit: This is one nightmare we can all relate to.

Your ticket says you just won BIG. You’ve already begun spending the money in your head. You are going to do the right thing and pay off your debt. You’re going to upgrade your ride; get some new clothes, buy a house…Nothing ostentacious, but big enough to entertain and hold prayer meetings.

But then your dreams turn sour when you’re told…you haven’t won “Jack.”

Nadda. Nothing! That’s what happened to one very unlucky John Wines.

John, who resides in Roswell, New Mexico, bought a scratcher at a gas station last month.

And when he scratched off the silver he was happy as hell. It looked like he had five winning numbers – and a potentially life-changing prize of $500,000.00

But when he skipped his happy ass up to the counter to claim his prize his unbridled joy quickly turned to a dark despair.

The clerk told him he wasn’t a winner after all. And the New Mexico Lottery officials confirmed, saying the ticket was a misprint.

The company claims the maximum payout is $250,000 and the mistake makes the ticket void.

According to, when John contacted the lottery firm the email he received in response said: “We did find a flaw in that particular pack of tickets and it’s been reported to our printer.

“Thanks for bringing this to our attention. I did complete a reconstruction of your ticket and it was not a winner.”

And after the “misprint,” guess what John got as a consolation prize? $100 in scratch cards.

Wouldn’t it be something if one of them was a winning ticket…for real.

And don’t think for a moment that John didn’t feel the sting of defeat. “If you thought you won $500,000 and somebody tells you that you didn’t, and you can prove to them you did, it’s pretty stressful for somebody to say, ‘no you’re not getting your money’.

“It’s like I told them, I didn’t misprint it. I bought the ticket in good faith thinking if I won I was going to get my money.

“And they told me no, they absolutely, positively told me no.”

We feel for you, man. Really we do.

Readers: What do you think the lottery should have done as compensation for their mistake”

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