You’re in Prison…Making a Rap Video? Two Convicted Murdered Caught in the Act

prisoners making rap video

*Aw hell no! Let’s face it, something is seriously off kilter if you are “having fun” while serving time in prison. Prison is supposed to be a place where you are held accountable for breaking the law. You’ve got to watch your back. A man ain’t even safe retrieving his soap off the floor in the shower and all that stuff.  We’ve seen the movies…Shawshank Redemption! You are NOT suppose to be in there making music videos.

But two men who were caught making a rap video on a newly-acquired smartphone apparently didn’t get that memo. They were convicted of murder in 2009, when they gunned down 19-year-old college student TK Hancock in Memphis, Tenn. 

According to WMC Action News 5,  Lavino Horne and Leterpa Mosley, the two convicted murderers-turned-rappers, were found guilty of two counts: making the videos and smuggling in a smartphone, a very serious violation in prison.

The victim’s aunt, Belinda Hatcher, was appalled that the two men seemed to be enjoying themselves behind bars.

“Prison is not what it’s supposed to be,” she tells WMC Action News 5. “If they’re in prison having fun, making videos and music, something is wrong. [My nephew was a] very outgoing kid, very smart, always willing to help anyone who needed help.”

rap video made by prisoners

Hancock had been sitting in his car when he was murdered during a robbery attempt. At the time he was a sophomore at the University of Memphis.

Tracy Hancock, the victim’s sister, said her family was just turning an emotional corner and was starting to feel better, but the news of the prisoners making rap videos renewed more hurt feelings.

“It’s kind of like reopening a wound,” she explained. “We’ve grieved for five years, [we] are trying to let it go, and all of this pops back up again. It’s just hurtful all over again.”

This wasn’t the first time the inmates were found with a phone in prison. The two men have been caught and penalized on three separate occasions, but the fine they received did not exceed $5, which is a joke.

“I can’t visit my brother, I can’t call him, none of that stuff, and then they’re making videos and getting phones,” said Hancock. “I mean, you know, that’s just not right.”

WMC Action News 5 – Memphis, Tennessee

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