Meth-filled Cheese, Cocaine Tamales: Strange Border Busts By U. S. Customs (Photos)

Opium soap

*U. S. Customers and Border Patrol will be the first to tell you that smugglers did some obvious brainstorming when it came to thinking up ways to get their “product” into the states last year. Nothing was going to stop commerce in the area of dealers making their money.

Even if it meant sticking opium in bars of soap (pictured above)!

“We find things in really weird places,” said U.S. Customs and Border Protection spokeswoman Jennifer Evanitsky, who amassed the list. “Smugglers got creative.”

This is one list of creative containment that no successful smuggler would be embarrassed to be on. Heck, it may have been hard for them not to claim credit! Ain’t no shame in their game!

You haven’t seen nothing yet! Look at how it all went down.

One travelers’ attempt to smuggle nearly 7 ounces of cocaine packed inside some tamales into the U. S. last August went sour ater U. S. Customs and Border Protection officers caught him at the George Bush Intercontinental Airport.

The 46-year-old El Salvadorean man was on his way to the Big Apple – along with an undeclared box that contained 200 tamales with special filling (pictured below).

“This type of seizure speaks to our level of commitment in disrupting criminal activity despite the concealment method,” said CBP Service Port Director Beverly Good.

Tamales, with cocaine

And not every fire extinguisher is used to put out a fire. In June, U.S. Customs and Border Protection officers stopped three commercial trucks that had empty trailers hitched to them for an inspection. When they noticed that each contained fire extinguishers, CBP canine teams alerted the officers who then found the drugs after they were placed on a baggage x-ray machine.

They found approximately 1225 pounds of marijuana, 15 pounds of heroin, and 6 pounds of methamphetamine within 24 hours (fire extinguisher filled with drugs pictured below).

fire extinguisher with drugs inside

Look at how it went down (photo below)!

fire extinguisher, drugs2

CBP seized the narcotics, three trucks, and trailers. The combined value of the illegal drugs is estimated at more than $860,000.

“CBP officers put forth an outstanding effort interdicting these dangerous drugs and at the same time expeditiously moving legitimate trade through the port of entry,” said Otay Mesa cargo Port Director Rosa Hernandez. “CBP officers are without a doubt our agencies greatest asset.”

For shame! Even a religious statue is unsafe when it comes to smuggling drugs (pictured below).

statues, religious, drugs inside

“This unique seizure demonstrates the extraordinary methods individuals will utilize in their attempt to smuggle narcotics,” said Cincinnati Port Director Richard L. Gillespie. “This seizure further illustrates the vigilance of CBP officers in interdicting contraband entering the country.”

Don’t stop now! You won’t believe some of the objects that have fallen victim to smugglers. Read more about them at Huffington Post.

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