Woman Wraps Evidence of Infidelity in Boyfriends’ Christmas Gift…And Posts It Online

TWITTER, Caught! Man reads printouts given to him by woman who found him cheating


*Men, you have been given a heads up.

What many of us women wouldn’t give to have seen this played out live.  and have former “To Catch A Predator” host Chris Hansen there to help expose this cheater with his, “Why don’t you have a seat over there…” bit.

Uproxx shared the story of Cassy, a young woman who caught her boyfriend cheating redhanded; having inappropriate conversations with another woman through his direct messages on Twitter.  

We don’t know exactly how Cassy got access to his Twitter account – either she had his password, or was crafty enough to somehow figure it out, but she got in and snooped around.

And you know how the saying goes…Be careful what you ask for…or in this case…look for.

Boy did she uncover some ish. But it is the payback that’ll getcha!

Cassy took pictures of the messages and printed them out; multiple pages of conversations, and documented her plan via Twitter and Snapchat, saying “I don’t tolerate cheating.” From there, she wrapped the printouts in wrapping paper and gave them to her boyfriend as a Christmas gift.

Infidelity2 Infidelity4

Of course, he wasn’t amused.

Cassy (who says she’s “numb to the bs” now) posted all of her photos and shared a warning with any future lovers, because not unlike “homie” – she clearly don’t play that.

Read more at MadameNoir.


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