NYPD Considers Boycott of Chipotle After Employee Does ‘Hands Up Don’t Shoot’ Gesture


*Well just look at who has gone and gotten offended…the NYPD. Add to that, New Yorkers appear to actually give a damn.

Here’s the story.

Apparently, the men in blue went in to a Brooklyn Chipotle, the popular Mexican grill, to get a bite to eat a while back. At that point, one of the employees allegedly did a “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture – in remembrance of slain teen Mike Brown.

Immediately offended by the gesture (and probably not trusting their food to be prepared safely after that), the officers, supposedly 8 of them, did an about-face and left the establishment. Since then, they are said to be considering a boycott of the chain. And comments by New Yorkers are on their side!

But Chipotle says the whole thing has been exxaggerated. And the story continues to change as it circulates on the Internet. Gaining speed of a now viral nature.

Now a rumor states that when NYPD officers entered the establishment, Chipotle employees (plural) refused to serve them, and made the “hands up, don’t shoot” gesture so well-known in recent months toward the officers. Chipotle is responding to requests for information by assuring that the incident has been overblown, and has been handled.

The Chipotle incident actually happened nearly two weeks ago, but only went viral today thanks to a Thank You NYPD Facebook page. The image below has been shared numerous times, and is causing a lot of backlash for Chipotle.


But Chipotle tells a different story on their Facebook page, and a Chipotle representative is denying that the event occurred as described. The representative, identified only as “Joe,” says a single Chipotle employee made the gesture, that the NYPD officers were not denied service (Joe doesn’t address whether they left as stated, without being fed, or were served), and that the incident has been handled.

Chipotle chiefs have also apologized to the NYPD for the incident.

“We work very hard to ensure that every customer in our restaurants feels welcome and is treated with respect,” co-CEO’s Steve Ells and Monty Moran said in a statement. “Clearly, the actions of this crew member undermined that effort.”

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