Chocolate Rain? No Such Luck! Shoppers Covered in Feces After Septic Tank Bursts

Feces accident
Woman rushes from scene of smelly mishap


*Warning, this story stinks.

Ooh do I smell a lawsuit!? Imagine you are walking down the street, window shopping, when all of a sudden a splatter of brown liquid comes over you…and everyone else in your atmosphere. This is what happened to shoppers on a busy commercial street when a septic tank exploded and left them covered in human excrement.

The smelly incident took place when the tank on board a truck erupted in Hechi City in southern China.

Dong Tang witnessed the incident and told the local television station: ‘I noticed some people gathered in the street and thought there had been a car accident.

‘I wasn’t really paying attention, but then the smell hit me, it was disgusting.

‘And then I realised that a tank filled with disgusting brown liquid had exploded, splattering it all over the street and the people who were shopping or walking past.’


According to police spokesman, Cai Chin, “No one suffered physical harm, but many of those covered sought medical attention for fear that chemicals used in the cleaning process or indeed diseases from the sludge could cause harm to those affected by the blast.”

And I’ll bet they were emotionally messed up!

A spokesman for the company which collects and stores the waste refused responsibility, claiming it was a technical fault with the truck itself.

Yeah. Good luck with that, sir.

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