Self-Medicate Much? Here’s a Monthly Weed Subscription Service Just For You


*Recreational marijuana use continues to become legal in many states, and with this, more and more companies are beginning to find ways that cater to consumers with a prescription. But crazy schedules and hectic lifestyles may make getting to your favorite weed dispensary to peruse the latest strains inconvenient. So wouldn’t it be nice to have a service that will deliver a sampling to you each month?

Well your wish is this company’s command.

A San Francisco-based high-end cannabis subscription box service has been created just for folks like you.

Marvina will hand-deliver samples of the best buds to you every month if you have a doctor’s recommendation (yes, they do verify). It’s a weed connoisseur’s delight; where subscribers can privately choose between sativa (an energetic high) and indica (more of a sink-in-the-sofa mellow feeling) boxes.

You will pay anywhere from $95 to $325 for the convenience.

Co-founder Dane Pieri had the brainstorm of doing a mail-order service because he was intimidated and overwhelmed by the cannabis dispensaries. “It’s like when you’re in the grocery store at the wine aisle; we didn’t know what to do,” he told OZY. He also wanted his service to be more than just another weed delivery service and aimed to educate his clients as well, by making sure that each box has a printout that explains the strains’ effects, flavor profiles and histories.

Marvina has been compared to similar subscription services, like Birchbox, but Pieri uses the wine-of-the-month-club model as an example saying that his goal is not to make people into stoners, but to cater to stoners. “People who use cannabis have pretty predictable usage patterns every month,” he said.

And as far as the service being legal?

Cannabis industry attorney and Consult Canna consultant Rob Hunt has concerns. For one, Marvina uses third-party delivery, which may leave gaps in end-user verification. Hunt thinks that delivering weed can be a great thing, but says “It’s still a schedule 1 drug.”

Nestdrop, an app service that delivers alcohol and had planned to deliver weed just got sued by the City of Los Angeles for a concept that allegedly “violates voter-approved restrictions” that limit the number of cannabis dispensaries. City Attorney Mike Feuer said in a complaint filed in state court on December 2 that the Nestdrop app “causes, aids and abets the illegal delivery of marijuana.” The city is seeking a court order halting the service, plus civil penalties.

But while Pieri and others in the cannabis business continue to watch the Nestdrop case closely, he also says that San Francisco doesn’t restrict its number of dispensaries. The company has also commissioned extensive research from its lawyers, and the Marvina co-founder adds: “We believe that what we’re doing is squarely in line with the California guidelines.”

Read more about Marvina and its cannabis mail subscription service at Huffington Post.

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