Father Charged With Toddler’s Murder, Mother Charged With Attempts at a Coverup (Video)

Tristan Blue

*Oh the myriad of thoughts that run through the head of anyone with a heart as they look into the face of this beautiful male child who was allegedly killed by his own father. Add to that, the confusion behind why his mother would try to cover it up.

Rage. Anger. Sorrow. Despair…Why?

We are all asking this question, and these are all of the emotions that the residents at the Arbor Creek Apartments (in Raleigh, NC) must feel as they continue to drop off stuffed animals, write prayers and cry at the makeshift memorial they set up for the adorable toddler.

Authorities have now charged the boys’ 25-year-old mother, Briana Dangerfield, with attempting to conceal the murder of her 2-year-old son Tristan Blue, altering and destroying evidence, and concealing the death of the child.

These new charges stem from findings of human remains last Friday by Raleigh police in a northern Wake County lake which they say may be those of the toddler.

The remains were found in the water off Creedmoor Road, and were taken to the N.C. Office of the Chief Medical Examiner for further analysis.

Tristan’s father — 31-year-old Steven Daniel Blue was initially charged on Christmas Day, but he appeared before a judge on a murder charge in Raleigh on Friday and was told he’ll stay in jail and has been denied bond.

memorial for tristan

Tristan was nearly 3 years old and was reported missing by his mother on Wednesday.

Blue told investigators he last saw the boy at 7:45 a.m. Police were not contacted by Dangerfield until just before 1:15 p.m.

In a 911 call released Friday, she told an operator she had gone through the neighborhood calling for him but couldn’t find him.

“I woke up 15 minutes ago. I worked overnight and the front door was open and there was a package on the porch and my 3-year-old was missing,” she said.

Investigators initially issued an Amber Alert believing the child may have wandered outside, and began an intense neighborhood search before arresting the child’s father on “probable cause” the next morning.

At first, Dangerfield was charged with child neglect in the case; with an arrest warrant alleging she left Tristan alone while she went to work.

“I’m just shocked. It’s just the whole thing, that it happened. I couldn’t imagine that being my child,” said Dangerfield’s neighbor, Trent Cole. “It’s horrible, I’m just…It’s really a sad thing.”

Dangerfield’s bond has been increased to $1 million from $100,000. She was also ordered not to leave the state, to surrender her U.S. passport, and have no contact with Steven Blue.

See the video report from ABC 11 directly below.

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  1. There are so many decent loving people who want children and can’t have them, but those two murdering jackasses kill and cover-up the murder of that precious baby. I’ll never understand why two disgusting clowns were ever able to be parents.

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