Caught By Surveillance! Christmas Eve ‘Dog Ditcher’ Comes Forward (Watch)

The pooch has since been cleaned up, fed and now awaits a loving forever home.

*Now any other time you know we’d be hollering, “Poor doggie!” And while we still feel that way about the sweet homeless pet who was seen being ditched in the parking lot of Walgreen’s in the Southern California city of San Fernando on a cold Christmas eve, after hearing the background on the story, you also feel kind of bad for the guy that everyone saw do it.


Well…because according to him, he was just trying to help.

The dog looked mangy, matted and in need of TLC. You could tell he had been uncared for, for quite some time. But the man says (what the cameras didn’t show) was the animal moving in and out of dangerous traffic before he grabbed the dog to bring him off the road to the safety of a nearby parking lot.

He was simply trying to be a good samaritan.

On Wednesday, a couple feeding stray cats came across the dog and managed to get a handle on him.  At around 9:50pm, he was given over to independent animal rescuer Hailey Moss.

The dog, who is still available for adoption, has since been named “Ralphie,” and he is staying with a short term foster family. He has been well-groomed and yes, fed.

It’s believed that Ralphie is a shih tzu and Lhasa apso mix.  There has been a page set up for Ralphie, which you can visit by clicking here.

The website is asking for help with about $2,000 in donations.  They say it will go towards food and care for Ralphie, also a medical workup and hopefully, placement with a full-time forever family.

A special email address has been set up for inquiries on Ralphie.  You can send all questions to  [email protected].  The site also has the surveillance video where Ralphie can be seen being left in the parking lot.

But we have it too, and you can see it directly below.

As of this writing, $1,500 has been raised to help Ralphie. I hope you will consider helping him out as well.

See the KTLA News report below.

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