Hmmm….Five Pounds of Weed Found in Cop’s Home, But He Was Never Charged

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*While this case may not be a recent one, its always interesting to see how police officers get away with crimes that civilians are often put under the jail for committing. Five pounds of marijuana was recovered in the home of a cop in Richmond, California in the early months of 2014, but he was never charged for the crime.

They say he didn’t do anything wrong.

Reports say 17-year veteran K-9 police officer, Joe Avila has been investigated by the Richmond Police Force (RPF) since January and has been on administrative leave since September 2014, since his case has been put on hold.

Earlier this year, the case came to an attention of the Contra Costa County District Attorney’s office where the Chief Public Defender, Robin Lipetzky, said that the office has been investigating the discovery of this case, but probably no charges will be filed. He further said that this decision is made on the basis of not having strong enough evidence to produce a conviction.

According to a search warrant affidavit, the police officer collected a marijuana box from a UPS store in November 2013. He talked to a radio dispatcher and said he would file a report on the incident later, but an affidavit later stated he never placed 5 pounds of marijuana in an evidence locker and failed to fill out a report. This is when RPF suspected that Avila had not filed any follow up reports of 37 calls of service he went to.

Lipetzky also said, “They are cutting him some slack because he’s a police officer. Anybody else found with 5 pounds of marijuana in their possession, I don’t care who that is, that person is going to be charged with a crime.

Lipetzky also stated, “The DA’s office is taking the position that this officer did nothing wrong. And because they think he did nothing wrong, they are not turning over any information. They have a vested interest in not having an officer’s credibility called into question, because then it impacts all the cases they are trying to prosecute.

Avila justified his actions saying he used two lbs of marijuana for the training of his dog, but he didn’t say anything about the remaining 3 lbs. Deputy Public Defender.

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