Dog Deformed Due to Prior Living Conditions Gets Second Chance at Happy Life

Dog with bent legs1

*Its always great to hear about animals who once appeared hopeless, being given a second chance.

Earlier this month, a call for help came in to Second Chance Rescue in New York City. It was from a shelter in Georgia about a pit-bull mix, who had several serious medical problems due to his former living conditions. The dog was also very skinny.

“The tendons in all 4 legs are ruptured due to his prior living conditions. He is very small and underweight,” Jacquelyn O’Sullivan of Second Chance Rescue told the Huffington Post in an e-mail. “His body condition tell us that he lived in a small space, hence his dwarf-like appearance, bent legs and curved spine.

Dog with bent legs2

How could you not be touched by such a sight? And the folks in the rescue group were so moved by the pictures they received of the little dog. They knew they had to do something to assist the animal.

“We were heartbroken and horrified and knew we had to help him,” O’Sullivan told HuffPost.

The organization didn’t waste any time. The dog they now call “Landis” was immediately sent to one of their vets and is now set to arrive in New York City on Tuesday for the remainder of his treatment. O’Sullivan says the team is excited about helping the dog get in good shape and look forward to a life with plenty of TLC.

Dog with bent legs3Landis’ story should serve as a serious reminder to pet owners that caring for an animal takes a tremendous amount of hard work and loving  care.

“[Dogs] cannot take care of themselves. We see way too many neglected and abused animals. Ask for help before they end up in horrible shape. No living creature deserves to be abused or neglected,” O’Sullivan wrote in her e-mail. “Treat them like part of your family. Remember that dogs feel pain and experience sadness.”

HuffPost says O’Sullivan told them she looks forward to seeing Landis’ transformation. And good news–she says that Second Chance Rescus has already received requests from all around the country from people willing to adopt the precious doggie; who they say has a beautiful personality despite all he’s been through.

“Landis is amazing, very sweet and loving,” O’Sullivan said. “He has won the hearts of everyone who has met him and many who have not met him. He has definitely struck a chord with people everywhere.”


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